Silicon dioxides

Silicon dioxide gasoloid

Product classification:
Type I:mainly used to synthesize washing powder
Type Ⅱ:mainly used in coloring matter,glass,paper making and other industries.
Type Ⅲ:used as inorganic salt industrial material.
Technical requirements:
2.1Appearance:white crystal granule
2.2Industrial anhydrous sodium sulfate fits the following requirements:

This product owns great porosity and specific surface area.We can adjust product performance according to demands from customers.The product is widely used in polypropylene,paint,oil printing and others.

1.higher porosity
2.strict granule distribution
3.higher transparency
4.three-dimensional net structure.
5.high purity and transparency

Application field:
1.paint,printing oil and adhesive industry
2.plastic industry,pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.
4.paper making industry