Silicon dioxides

Silicon rubber silicon dioxide(white carbon black)

Features:The high purity silicon dioxide with low surface action and used in silicon rubber to get good strong performance.
Application range:silicon rubber
CAS No.:112926-00-8(7631-86-9)
EINECS No.:231-545-4
Technical parameters

Specification TOND-200
Appearance white tousy powder
Heating loss(105°C) % 4.5-6.5
Loss on ignition(1000±25°C) % 4.0-6.0
SiO2(dry base) % ≥99.0
PH value 6.0-7.0
Fe2O3mg/kg ≤300
DBP oil factor cm3/g 2.0-3.0
45祄 Residue on sieve % ≤0.02
BET specific surface area m2/g 175-205
Na2SO4% ≤0.5
Average grain diameter d50 祄 12-16
Surface treatment
Compacted density g/l 70-100